9833-18 Organs of the Lymphoid System
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Course includes study material and exam.

Description: Review the nature and structure of organs found in the body and how these organs relate to lymphocyte production and the function of the immune system.


Start Date: Upon registration

Completion: Up to 52 weeks

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Learning Outcomes:


  • Describe the organs associated with the lymphoid system.
  • Describe the relationship between the lymphoid and the lymphatic systems.
  • List the differences between the primary and secondary lymphoid organs.
  • Draw detailed labeled diagrams of the basic structure of the bone marrow, thymus, lymph nodes and the spleen.
  • Describe the circulation of lymphocytes throughout the body.
  • Tabulate the properties of the thymic hormones.
  • Describe the effects of thymectomy on both adults and neonates.
  • Describe the changes that occur in the lymph node when it is stimulated by antigen.
  • List the two major functions of the spleen.
  • Describe the structural and functional differences between the white and red pulp of the spleen.
  • Outline the effects of splenectomy.
  • Describe the lymphoid organs associated with the gut.


Author: John Chapman, FCSMLS, FIMLS, CLSp(H)

Version Date: January 2018


PEP hours: 16.5

CPS credits: 0


*Note: PEP hours and/or CPS credits will only be awarded upon successful completion of Final Exam.

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