Solvent Recycling and Reuse in Laboratories Webinar
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Solvents used in laboratories create a large amount of chemical waste in a lab. This not only imposes high costs to properly dispose of and purchase enough solvent to meet our needs, but this unnecessary waste is bad for our environment. A solvent recycler distills chemical waste and separates it out from the other waste products in the water. This produces up to 99% pure solvent for reuse in the process. The solvent is then used indefinitely in the lab. LifeLabs has rolled this out to five of our labs and will continue to find new uses for this technology.

Course/Activity Information

At the end of this webinar you will be able to:

  • Understand how solvents can be recycled in a lab
  • See the potential cost savings
  • See the potential waste reductions
  • Understand how this is applicable to your facilities
  • How LifeLabs has been successful in rolling out the solvent recycling program


Speaker: Amber Daniels, MEB, EP

Amber Daniels is the manager of national environmental sustainability at LifeLabs. She leads her team to develop and maintain the company’s environmental programs and recommends sustainability goals and targets for LifeLabs locations in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. She builds a culture of sustainability by engaging employees and leadership to support building awareness and participation in environmental initiatives. She has degrees in physical geography and environmental protection technology and a Masters in Environment and Business from the University of Waterloo. As an environmental professional, Amber has worked for the last 12+ years all over Canada in global private companies and municipal government capacities.

Recorded: May 24, 2019


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