Understanding Workplace Responsibilities in an Ethically Intriguing Time: CSMLS Code of Ethics Webinar
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Ethical dilemmas occur every day in the healthcare setting, whether you are involved or you see issues happening to others. As health professionals, we need to be aware of these situations, identify ways to prevent and/or deescalate these, and uphold the ethical principles that we serve.

What have you experienced? Racism? Breaches in information privacy? Transphobia? Lack of competency in a co-worker? Inappropriate work requests? Dangerous working environments?

This presentation discusses some of the leading ethical dilemmas facing our profession and the health care system. Learn how to the CSMLS Code of Ethics can help you when you experience your next issue. Why? Because you know dealing with an ethics issue at work is inevitable.

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Speakers: Laura Zychla and Christine Nielsen, BHA, MLT, CAE

As a researcher, Laura Zychla holds positions with the CSMLS and Cancer Care Ontario. She has an extensive consulting background in research and analysis, with a focus on creating evidence-based health and education policy for the applied health professions. She has been highly involved in the creation of competencies for the Clinical Specialist Radiation Therapist and Personal Support Worker professions. Recently, for the medical laboratory profession, she has lead projects involving mental health knowledge and tool production, fostered national collaboration through the creation of the 'Simulation Knowledge Exchange - Research Network', helped create ethics-based policy to support professionals and is continuing to advance knowledge transference through involvement in news curation and educational resource initiatives.

Christine Nielsen became Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science in 2010. She is a medical laboratory technologist, with a degree in Health Administration, is a Certified Association Executive with a Certificate of Mastery in Prior Learning Assessment from the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning at DePaul University in Chicago. Christine is currently completing an MBA from the Edinburgh School of Business, Scotland.


Recorded: May 26, 2019

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