4658-15 Introduction to Ethics and Professionalism for Medical Laboratory Science - July 2021 session
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Description: Examine the latest thought and research in the study of ethics as it applies to the laboratory as well as highlight the national and international standards required for the ethical and professional practice of biomedical technology. Explore the latest research from CSMLS references, colleges, and papers on ethics. Professionalism embraces rules of conduct, standards of practice, and support for professional associations. Required competencies necessary to be professional in the field of health care, and the lab in particular, will be identified.


Start Date: July 1, 2021

Course/Activity Information

Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine and apply the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS) Standards of Practice
  • Demonstrate the ability to transfer learning to the workplace setting
  • Develop and apply critical thinking skills
  • Understand and demonstrate the role of a professional in the laboratory
  • Develop and exhibit a keen sense of responsibility, integrity and professional ethics
  • Apply ethical theories to solve ethical and professional dilemmas in the practice of medical technology
  • Solve ethical and professional problems in the laboratory, using critical thinking skills


Author/Instructor: Sharon Leal, MLT

Version Date: January 2015


PEP hours: 22

CPS credits: 1.0

*Note: PEP hours and/or CPS credits will only be awarded upon successful completion of course requirements.


See attached Course Guide for more information.

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