4920-14 Microbiology Refresher 1: Basic Principles of Microbiology - September 2021 session
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Description: Refresh your theory and knowledge of key principles and procedures in microbiology. Topics covered include microscopy, bacterial physiology and biochemistry, various staining and examination methods, culture media, colonial recognition and principles of disinfection and sterilization.

Start Date: September 1, 2021

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Learning Outcomes:

  • Examine the various parts of the compound microscope.
  • Explain the different atmospheric and temperature requirements used to incubate bacterial cultures.
  • Explain the appropriate steps involved in the preparation, staining, examination, and reporting of microorganisms from microscopic preparations.
  • Differentiate between the various bacteria, yeast, and other microorganisms seen under the microscope based on morphology, arrangement, and staining reaction.
  • Describe various staining techniques used to identify microorganisms.
  • Explain the categories of culture media in routine use and apply how they are selected and used in the processing of clinical specimens.
  • Describe the colonial morphology of common microorganisms on various types of culture media.
  • Explain the principles of disinfection and sterilization.
  • Explain basic Infection control principles.


Instructor: Bharat Gandhi, S(CCM), M(ASCP), MLT

Version Date: April 2014


PEP hours: 23

CPS credits: 0

*Note: PEP hours and/or CPS credits will only be awarded upon successful completion of course requirements.


See attached Course Guide for more information.

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