Practice Test for the CSMLS Medical Laboratory Technologist General Certification Exam (B)
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This is a practice test to assist CSMLS Medical Laboratory Technologist (MLT) Certification Exam candidates.

The practice test will give those preparing for CSMLS MLT certification an understanding of how the actual exam questions are worded and structured, as well as an understanding of the pacing needed to complete the exam within the allowed timeframe of 3.5 hours.

The practice test consists of 210 single-response, multiple choice questions covering all MLT competencies according to the examination blueprint. Please review the 2019 MLT Competency Profile before attempting this practice test.

Registration includes one attempt to be completed within 90 days from registration date.

Course/Activity Information

After completing the practice test, the candidates will be able to:

  • Recognize the structure of the CSMLS MLT Certification Exam.
  • Identify areas that may require additional study.
  • Confirm whether they are prepared for the CSMLS MLT Certification Exam.
  • Understand the pace required to complete the CSMLS MLT Certification Exam.

See attached Navigating the MLT Practice Test Instructions. Instructions can be printed. 

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